It is strongly based upon the pacifist/true pacifist route, and retains it's same structure/characters, with a twist on the canon.

As such, it contains spoilers for the whole game and all its routes! Please play/watch an LP of Undertale before checking Manortale out.


Humans and monsters alike, you're cordially invited to the grand celebration tonight at the Dreemurr Manor!

Don't forget to wear a suit.

12:00 AM, Up North.

-Chara Dreemurr

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On a dark, strange night, Frisk wakes up and finds themselves on an unknown location, their memories long gone.
Wearing a suit and an invitation in hand, they set out to the Dreemurr Manor, expecting to gather clues about themselves
with their only lead being the mysterious prince of the Underground, Chara Dreemurr.

However, they unknowingly get caught up in the middle of a years long enigma,
and it's up to them to connect the pieces for the disappearance of two particular monsters before Frisk runs out of time —
and as to why they seem to possess the soul of Chara's long lost brother, Asriel Dreemurr.


I'm Qimir! I'm a mexican high school student and aspiring animator.
I love Undertale and I always wanted to make an AU for it, so when I came up with Manortale I immediately got to work!

Manortale has been in development for about a year in a half now as I write this and many things have changed in the process.
Having developing it that long, it pleases me to say that MANORTALE is already finished.
The whole story structure, and the way it works is planned out, and its only a matter of me drawing it until I reach the end!

Hope you all come to love this comic as much as I've loved it myself. Thanks for reading!