What is this?

An Undertale AU set in a mansion where everyone wears suits. They also cry sometimes. Sans is there.

When does it update?

Honestly, whenever I've made an update. Could be once per week. Could be once every two months.
Either way, I'd say try checking in the 11th of every month, as that's when I'll try updating.

How long will it be?

I intend to make every update around 20+ pages (shooting somewhere around 35~ pages).
There are 6 total chapters planned, excluding extra content along the way. Take that as you will.

Where's the scrollbar?

It's still there, I just made it invisible for a more inducing reading experience.
I recommend reading the comic with your browser in full screen to further enhance this effect.

Frisk's/Chara's gender?

Both Frisk and Chara are non-binary in this AU and use exclusively they/them pronouns. Please respect that.

What about their ages?

Present day, they're both 11.

Can I make fancontent?

Sure! Tag it #manortale or #manortaleau so I can see it!
Alternatively, tag @manortale on Tumblr or @shirayuzened on Twitter!

Have you really been asked these?

No lol. Just thought I'd save myself the problem in the future + FAQs are cool.



So, what's changed?

Well, it is canon compliant/divergence. Take it as a what-if the war didn't happen, but people still suffered. Set in a manor, too.

The rest you gotta find out yourself!

How does Frisk's soul work?

That's Asriel.

What do you mean??

Well it wouldn't be fun if I told you myself now, would it.

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😐︎☜︎☜︎🏱︎ ☼︎☜︎✌︎👎︎✋︎☠︎☝︎.